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Johanna Is Easy To Piss Off

jeweled_weevil : spoodle shaboodle
jeweled_weevil : tell tess come make elias grow up
a_dark_red_nirvana: frantic apostrophes
jeweled_weevil : band name?
a_dark_red_nirvana: tess says stop f**cking playing with my sims ive told you al**ady
jeweled_weevil : i didn't.
jeweled_weevil : i was playing with mine
jeweled_weevil : and mine and elias were dating. and then mine gre up say they aren't anymore and it's sad!!
a_dark_red_nirvana: she says how do you know he wanted to grow up
jeweled_weevil : my guy is making out with his uncle now goddamnit!!
a_dark_red_nirvana: she says you arent allowed to gayify elias cos hes straight
a_dark_red_nirvana: WWWWW
jeweled_weevil : i say bah! to that!
a_dark_red_nirvana: she says "I Fucked Your Mom!"
jeweled_weevil : he gave marcus (my guy) his first kiss!
a_dark_red_nirvana: she says "You Suck And I Wish You Would Die."
a_dark_red_nirvana: A.k.a. Mark
a_dark_red_nirvana: fuckup i sascgtuacdsagcdsdavfbgjsrvbjsrtvgfwvgtyyr PROTOZOA POWEAAA
a_dark_red_nirvana: Spinoza Eats Sasperilla
a_dark_red_nirvana: Striped Afghan
a_dark_red_nirvana: Myraids of Mint
a_dark_red_nirvana: I'll Ham Your Mother's Palace In Bed.com
a_dark_red_nirvana: yeah
jeweled_weevil : not my fault when npcs hit on guy!
jeweled_weevil : *my guy
a_dark_red_nirvana: im trying to think
a_dark_red_nirvana: i am not sure
a_dark_red_nirvana: no i dont usually call her, she just comes over
a_dark_red_nirvana: no, keep saying things
a_dark_red_nirvana: yeah i guess so
jeweled_weevil : marcus an elias had the same hair and they both did the finger thing! they were so cute together!
a_dark_red_nirvana: i really don't know
a_dark_red_nirvana: i always wanted to be a rodeo clown
jeweled_weevil : where is she? is she online at all?
a_dark_red_nirvana: she is in my heart
jeweled_weevil : lol
a_dark_red_nirvana: roflmao tyuiop gyueoi lol maoooo
a_dark_red_nirvana: WHERES THE BEEF
a_dark_red_nirvana: cranberry
jeweled_weevil : sauce
a_dark_red_nirvana: stupac lamoni
a_dark_red_nirvana: ch ch ch ch chia
a_dark_red_nirvana: gorbonzo beans
a_dark_red_nirvana: flagrant bunion
jeweled_weevil : *sniffs the air*
a_dark_red_nirvana: semiannual porkfest
a_dark_red_nirvana: shortlived midget
jeweled_weevil : oh that's mean
a_dark_red_nirvana: hurried manitees
jeweled_weevil : am i allowed to call and talk to tess?
a_dark_red_nirvana: fortress of maple syrup
a_dark_red_nirvana: she is bathing in the tepid bathwater of richard IV's lovely poodle's spit
a_dark_red_nirvana: fo' rizzle
a_dark_red_nirvana: shizzlzlzzlzlzllzlzlzlzlz
a_dark_red_nirvana: corkboard
a_dark_red_nirvana: lame papaya
jeweled_weevil : stop staring at me!!!
a_dark_red_nirvana: lamp bonanza
a_dark_red_nirvana: glitter
a_dark_red_nirvana: poopdeck
a_dark_red_nirvana: sordid panda
a_dark_red_nirvana: tricks are for kids
jeweled_weevil : silly rabbit
a_dark_red_nirvana: MY NAME IS LUKA
a_dark_red_nirvana: gambling rodent artichoke
jeweled_weevil : luka bloom
a_dark_red_nirvana: if you didn't want to play to game, THEN DONT COME TO THE PARTAY
a_dark_red_nirvana: frappecimnop
a_dark_red_nirvana: chimp
a_dark_red_nirvana: WONDERFUL CANADIANS
jeweled_weevil : archduke
a_dark_red_nirvana: of serbia
a_dark_red_nirvana: FLLFLFLFLF
jeweled_weevil : of austria hungary
a_dark_red_nirvana: shutup
a_dark_red_nirvana: USER PAGE
a_dark_red_nirvana: ADDED
a_dark_red_nirvana: EQUALS KICKASS
jeweled_weevil : franz ferdinand
a_dark_red_nirvana: bored of education
a_dark_red_nirvana: wtf mates
a_dark_red_nirvana: CORRRRRRR BLIMEy
a_dark_red_nirvana: i woudl blame the trembling widwife
a_dark_red_nirvana: 8midwife
a_dark_red_nirvana: space
a_dark_red_nirvana: NO
jeweled_weevil : *sniffs the air*
a_dark_red_nirvana: a_dark_red_nirvana: flagrant bunion
jeweled_weevil : *sniffs the air*
a_dark_red_nirvana: semiannual porkfest
a_dark_red_nirvana: BEANS
a_dark_red_nirvana: egdgd
a_dark_red_nirvana: TuBeRcUlOsIs mAd
a_dark_red_nirvana: hip to the grip
jeweled_weevil : i thought i saw a boob on that man but it was just the shadow of his black and white hand...
a_dark_red_nirvana: har har harrr
a_dark_red_nirvana: t\g uio\
a_dark_red_nirvana: free hat
a_dark_red_nirvana: ego machine
a_dark_red_nirvana: toast in the fridge THE MOON ON 45th
a_dark_red_nirvana: many people have died here
a_dark_red_nirvana: tammy is a whore
a_dark_red_nirvana: go go power rangers
a_dark_red_nirvana: hoping for evening
a_dark_red_nirvana: panorama flippant sunset carnage
a_dark_red_nirvana: yo yo yo
a_dark_red_nirvana: porpoise
a_dark_red_nirvana: eyelined in PAIN
a_dark_red_nirvana: 765
a_dark_red_nirvana: POOOOP
a_dark_red_nirvana: happiness is seattle's only antidot
a_dark_red_nirvana: e
a_dark_red_nirvana: road
a_dark_red_nirvana: da do do da do da doo doo da doo do da doo da do TEQUILA
jeweled_weevil has signed out. (1/2/2005 4:46 PM)
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