Hannah (zenhaircut) wrote,

i still exist

hey guys..

here's my college schedule, so you guys can know when to call me BECAUSE YOU WILL CALL ME and also I will probably drunk dial most of you or call you up crying because I'm lost.

culture and society in the west, monday and thursday, 2:30-4:10 PM
freshmen seminar- wednesday- 3:00-4:20 PM
history of philosophy I: polis 1000- 321 BC.- tuesday and friday-10:30-12:10 AM
philosophy of religion- tuesday and friday- 12:30 AM-2:10 PM
photography for non majors- tuesday- 7:00- 9:50 PM

SO CALL ME BITCHES, and if you dont have my cell number let me know
I'm going to miss you allll :(
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